MVS Software, Training & Access

What is MVS?

MVS or Production CICS runs on the IBM mainframe using the MVS operating system.


To access ARS on the MVS operating system, you can either use the Host Explorer software or the UM3270 web client.

Remote Access to ARS

Connect to ARS from a remote location by using the UM3270 web client. Authorized users will be granted access after a two part login: the first login will require a Directory ID. Once authenticated a terminal window will appear, then press the Connect button which will bring up the the second login that requires an MVS userid. Additional information on navigating in UM3270 available at UM3270 Enhancements

Begin your session now by selecting UM3270 on ARES.


ARS training is offered as needed. Training covers electronic form creation, routing and lookup.

Please contact Siemy Khan for ARS user support during regular business hours or to schedule training.

Applying for Access to ARS

Authorized University of Maryland, College Park, administrative assistants, business managers, administrators, service providers and institutional researchers can access the Academic Resource System. Authorization is granted through approval by the employee's unit head as well as the Academic Resource System staff via the University of Maryland MVS Account Request form. Access the form via the web, complete and print the form, acquire signatures and mail your form to OIT Helpdesk, 1400 Computer Space and Science or call 405-1500 to request the form.