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Teaching Facilities Committee (TFC)

The Teaching Facilities Committee (TFC) was appointed by the Provost in 1984 to develop a program for improving the conditions of the University's teaching facilities. Its membership consists of representatives from colleges as well as from those organizations that support and maintain teaching facilities, including Operations and Maintenance, Office of Information technology (OIT), Facilities Planning, Scheduling, and the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center.

Charge to the TFC

(August 28, 2000, Provost Geoffroy)
  • Continue to assess the physical and IT-sufficiency of our classrooms, including maintenance and support issues. I would very much like to have an annual report card with each classroom graded on a small set of criteria.
  • Recommend budget allocations for upgrading the physical and IT conditions of our classrooms.
  • Establish a minimum IT standard for all classrooms and progressively work to obtain it
  • Address classroom scheduling issues that are broader than just the routine scheduling of individual courses. These include recommending policies for improving the efficiency of classroom use, such as, for example, restricting the scheduling of classes at non-standard times; requiring that each department's classes be distributed broadly across the hours of the day; etc .

More recently, Provost Favardin has identified additional goals for the TFC.

  • Technology in all General Purpose Classrooms, including class capture capability.
  • Improvement in the aesthetics of classrooms so they are more attractive spaces and more conducive to learning
Michael Ambrose
Jack Baker
Facilities-Operations and Maintenance
Francis Bass
Academic Technology and Innovation
Ben Bederson
Teaching and Learning Transformation Center
Elizabeth Beise
Academic Planning & Programs
Cindy Clement
Adrian Cornelius
Office of the Registrar
Louis Fisher
Facilities-Design and Construction
Hilary Gossett
Academic Facilities - Chair
Thomas McMullen
Academic Facilities
Dona Morgan
BSOS Facilities
Marcio A. Oliveira
Academic Technology & Innovation
Lori Owen
ARHU Facilities
Elizabeth Papazian
Romie D. Prince
Facilities-Classroom Maintenance
Jennifer Riggs
Office of the Registrar
Edith Shields
Office of the Registrar
Harry Teabout III
Facilities-Building and Landscape Maintenance

Comments or questions about the TFC may be sent to:

Hilary Gossett
Academic Facilities
Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Phone: (301) 314-0217