Strategic Plan Implementation: Third Year (FY 2011)

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November 9, 2011

To the University Community:

At the three-year mark, we have made significant progress toward implementation of the University's Strategic Plan, Transforming Maryland: Higher Expectations. We have recruited a more talented and diverse undergraduate student body, enriched educational opportunities, and increased retention rates. Over the past three years, we have expanded research activities, grant funding, and the scope of our private- and public-sector partnerships. Notwithstanding budget reductions, we have increased faculty hiring and improved campus infrastructure.

These successes reflect a number of factors: the development of creative and focused implementation plans at all levels in the University; the targeted commitment of resources consistent with agreed-upon goals and assessment of progress; the dedication and hard work of our talented faculty, students, and staff; and the invaluable support of our alumni, friends, and external partners. We are very grateful for the shared commitment of so many to the bold vision in the University's strategic plan.

We can all take pride in our progress and accomplishments. It is my privilege to work with you in pursuit of our shared goals.

Ann G. Wylie
Senior Vice President and Provost