Strategic Plan Implementation: First Year (FY 2009)

September 15, 2009

To the University Community:

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In May 2008, following two years of concerted efforts by the entire campus community, the University adopted a bold and ambitious new Strategic Plan, Transforming Maryland: Higher Expectations, which is intended to guide our course to the front ranks of world-class research universities. During a two-day retreat in the summer of 2008, the President, vice presidents, and deans agreed on an initial timetable for implementation of the Plan and developed first-year priorities. In Fall 2008, the first year of implementation began with vigor and determination and with the explicit intention of ensuring that all major decisions would reflect the centrality of the University's mission and be linked to the vision and goals of the Plan.

I am pleased to report on the outstanding accomplishments achieved during the first year of implementation of the Strategic Plan. Thanks to you—our dedicated faculty, students, staff, alumni, and friends—great things are happening! A few highlights are listed below, but I encourage you to learn more by reading selections from the menu on the left.

Emboldened with new direction, the campus is alive with renewed energy. In every division, in every corner of the campus, throughout the State, and even across the nation, I have seen dedicated people working selflessly to achieve the ambitious goals of the Strategic Plan. Undeterred by the economic recession and severe budget cuts, the work has gone forward with unprecedented resolve and creativity.

I am profoundly grateful to you for investing your time and energy toward the common goal of making our University the very best it can be!

We are off to a great start, but the work has just begun. Transforming Maryland:Higher Expectations is a ten-year plan, and I look forward to a bright future as we continue this vital work together.

Nariman Farvardin
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

  • Significant resources have been reallocated throughout the campus to support strategic priorities.
  • Enhanced recruitment strategies resulted in the enrollment of new students with the highest mean GPA and SAT scores of any entering class in the University's history.
  • An increased focus on competing for large, multi-investigator research projects contributed to a record 30% increase in federal grant awards in FY09, totaling more than $500 million.
  • Significant progress was made in constructing new student housing and the renovation and upgrading of existing housing.
  • A task force was convened to develop a new General Education program, from which came an announcement of the first steps towards creating new "I"-series courses, which will be the program's signature offering.
  • A thorough review of all living-learning programs resulted in significant changes within College Park Scholars as well as creation of the Honors College (consolidating and enhancing University Honors, departmental Honors, and similar programs).
  • A comprehensive review of the Office of International Programs resulted in detailed plans and a timetable for its reorganization with the goal increased efficiency and focus on advancing the University's international agenda.
  • Internal and external reviews of the Libraries led to important recommendations for the enhancement of their support for the academic enterprise.
  • A complete review of all doctoral programs resulted in new recommendations intended to increase the quality of all programs.

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